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Blog Month: September 2021

Gift Tax Basics

Jackpot or wager winner? Know the tax score.

If you’re lucky enough to win the lottery or hit a two-team parlay on your favorite sports team, be aware of the possible tax consequences that go along with your

Business Automobiles Tax Depreciation Rules

Do you use an automobile in your trade or business? Many people wonder how depreciation tax deductions are determined for these autos. The rules are complicated and oftentimes need special

Due Diligence from a Tax & Accounting Perspective

Join us for our next webinar as we answer these questions: Why do I need to be aware of Due Diligence if I am selling my company? How can I

Basics of Nonprofit Grant Management

Grants are a significant revenue stream for many nonprofits, but they can seem overwhelming to handle. How does my organization apply for a certain grant? What does my organization need

Benefits of Bank Feeds for Quickbooks Online and Desktop

Ever thought about using Bank Feeds in either your Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online system but haven’t made the move? If your financial institution is one of the many that

Overview of Buy-Sell Agreements and the Important Role they Play in Succession Planning

Webinars for business owners and those that support them. Join us for our next webinar as we discuss: What is a Buy-Sell Agreement? What are the methods of funding buy-sell