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Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for an Executive Transition? Key Considerations to Kickstart Nonprofit Succession Planning
In a nonprofit organization, the board of directors is the fiduciary responsible for mission fulfillment, financial accountability, and sustainability. A key part of fulfilling these responsibilities is having an effective
The Power of Outsourced Accounting: Keeping Your Business Resilient During Economic Downturns
The Power of Outsourced Accounting: Keeping Your Business Resilient During Economic Downturns
In times of economic uncertainty, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to survive. One fundamental way to accomplish this is through streamlining operations and cutting costs where possible.
Importance of Month-End Close Processes for your Business
Both QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online are excellent tools to help ensure your business is keeping up-to-date and accurate financial records. As a business owner, keeping these accurate financial records is
How to Report Name, Address, and Year End Changes for Exempt Organization to the IRS
Change is necessary and normal for all organizations. For example, during their lifecycle, exempt organizations may find the need to rebrand and change their name. Other common situations include, exempt
On-Site vs Remote Audit: Which is best for your organization?
The modern audit process in the United States has been around since the early 1900s. Born in response to the stock market crash of 1929, the passing of the Securities
5 Tips When Adopting The New Lease Standard
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) introduced Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Topic 842, Leases, to provide more transparency and accountability in financial reporting. The standard requires lessees to recognize lease
Audit Tips for a Hybrid Workforce
As we close out the first month of 2023, the landscape of the workforce continues to evolve. Staffing issues continue to be a top concern for many organizations, and as
Increased Standard Mileage Rate for 2023
Effective January 1, 2023, the IRS has issued its annual notice that updates the allowable 2023 standard mileage rates for business use of vehicles.  For 2023, the standard mileage rate
Post Grant Award Checklist
Congratulations! After months spent researching, writing, and submitting grant proposals, your organization has been notified that it has been selected for a grant award!   After the initial excitement has
Have you considered a 457 tax-deferred plan?
What is a 457 plan? And how does it work? A 457 plan allows employees working for the state, local government, or specific nonprofits to save and invest money for