Expert Non-Profit Accounting Services to Guide Your Mission

A well-respected and well-recognized name within the non-profit industry, Wegner CPAs thoroughly understands the importance of the many factors that determine the success of your organization. With competition for revenue sources being stronger than ever and regulations continually increasing for the non-profit industry, you can depend on Wegner CPAs as your most valued advisor. We will ensure compliance with laws and regulations and discover operating inefficiencies. Our extensive experience with nonprofits enables us to understand the challenges faced by our clients from the board of directors, management and funding sources perspectives. An integral part of our role is helping our clients communicate effectively with all of their stakeholders.

By continually monitoring changes in the industry, market trends, regulations, and accounting standards, our experts provide you with value-added services which go far beyond the standard accounting and compliance services. We are able to assess your priorities and develop programs, processes and procedures to help you run your organization successfully.

We currently provide accounting and auditing services to over 700 nonprofit organizations throughout the United States, including:

Wegner CPAs’ services unique to the nonprofit industry include:

“I have greatly appreciated the excellent professional services I have received from Wegner CPAs over the past thirteen years. In addition to conducting our annual audit and completing various tax forms, Wegner CPAs provides timely, invaluable assistance and information throughout the year when I have a question about a bookkeeping or accounting standard or requirement, income tax form or other issue. The staff is very non-judgmental and supportive. They have also been very helpful to my Administrative Coordinator in explaining complicated bookkeeping issues.”

Marc Herstand, MSW, CISW
Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers, Wisconsin Chapter

“We have been very pleased to work with Wegner CPAs. Wegner CPAs are extremely knowledgeable about non-profit accounting, which has provided significant advantages over the prior firm we worked with. Our Wegner auditors have consistently offered clear, appropriate and manageable solutions to non-profit accounting challenges. They have been willing to answer our questions throughout the year in order to benefit both organizations by paving the way for a smooth audit process. They have also honored and respected the work of our agency. We view Wegner CPAs as a helpful partner, working with us to ensure excellent financial management and a solid community reputation.”

Rachel Krinsky, MSW
Executive Director, Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Madison Area

“I was new at my position when I began working with Wegner. My confidence has grown knowing that I can rely on the professionals at Wegner to answer any questions and make recommendations that will ensure the success of our organization. We were given sound advice enabling the organization to increase its investment income while at the same time protecting our assets, a key element for a non-profit organization. I trust and respect our audit team and look forward to their annual visit.”

Vicki Graff
Business Manager, Wisconsin Conference UCC

“Wegner CPAs has helped our organization grow. They are truly part of our team. No other CPA firm compares to Wegner when it comes to the expertise and knowledge they have of nonprofits.” 

Denise Matyka
President/CEO, Project Home, Inc.

“Our organization now enjoys the audit process instead of dreading it thanks to Wegner CPAs.  The support and resources they provide are invaluable.” 

Patti Seger
Executive Director, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

“Wegner CPAs have taken the time to research and understand our rather unique industry and its regulations. It’s a sign of their commitment to providing excellent service. They make themselves accessible to our team members which speaks volumes on how much they care about their clients.”

Salli Martyniak
Executive Director, Forward Community Investments, Inc.

“Our non-profit organization has used Wegner CPAs for over a decade for our annual audit and tax return preparation. Their expertise and experience make the entire process go smoothly each and every year. They are a pleasure to work with and are always ready to help us with any questions we might have along the way.”

Jeffrey Lentz
Office Manager, Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society, Inc.

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