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IRS Representation

Tax Planning and Compliance Services

There is nothing more alarming to a business owner and the management team than to receive an IRS audit letter.

It can set off an almost immediate panic that either the company has done something wrong or that there will be additional money owed.  While it’s rare that the worst fears are realized, an audit can be a tedious and complex process that most do not have the expertise, resources or time to properly manage on their own. Often times an audit involves numerous requests for records, information and other materials to substantiate various items reported on the corporate income tax return. This process is often draining, distracting and leaves leadership unfocused on their task of managing the company.

For this reason it’s important to understand that “going it alone” with the IRS is usually not the best approach. It’s often more effective to work with an accounting partner that can manage the process, address requests for documentation, carefully review IRS questions and formulate responses and address other issues as needed. We have experience representing companies in IRS audit situations, compliance, office and field examination situations. Our professionals not only reduce the hassle of an audit, but also understand how to respond to IRS inquiries in such a way that it puts you in the most optimal position possible.

IRS Representation Services

IRS Representation Services

  • Power of attorney (so we can act on your behalf)
  • IRS audits (at our office, not your home or business)
  • Respond to IRS correspondence
  • Offer in compromise (including Forms 433-A and 433-B Preparation)
  • Tax lien assistance
  • IRS levy assistance
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Prior year tax filings
  • Payment plans and installment agreements
  • Reduction of penalties
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Audit Protection Plan

The number of IRS and Department of Revenue notices to taxpayers are on the rise! The resolution to these inquiries and audits can be a costly burden for you as a taxpayer. Alleviate the burden of costly fees from taxpayer notices with our Audit Protection Plan.


If you have recently received an IRS audit letter or are concerned that you may soon be contacted by the IRS, then contact us today. Our team of professionals can guide you through the audit process providing the highest level of support and comfort throughout.

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Providing essential audit preparation services to a variety of clients including businesses and non-profit organizations.

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