Why Wegner CPAs?

Guiding Your Professional Growth and Development

From day one and continuing throughout their career, we are invested in the growth and development of our staff. Beginning with their orientation, employees are introduced to the culture of the firm and acclimated to their new role. At each stage of their career, we focus on technical, leadership, and business development training. Wegner CPAs also provides mentors for staff to serve as role models, coaches, and to guide them along their career path. Guiding Your Professional Growth and Development

Work/Life Balance

At Wegner CPAs, we truly walk the talk when it comes to work-life balance.  We understand that balance between work and personal life is a key element to fostering a culture of happy, productive and well-rounded employees.  Wegner CPAs’ employees at all levels have the opportunity each year to develop a Work-Life Balance Agreement with their Supervisor and Department Partner that meets their goals.

Those of us in this industry know that during the busy season of January to mid-April, CPA firms need to have all hands on deck and client work scheduled and completed within strict deadlines.  Having agreed upon hours expectations in advance of the busy season allows us to plan for that work flow and meet those deadlines.  In other parts of the year, we can afford more flexibility in work schedules and with employee time off.  We feel that beginning the year with a mutual understanding of this sets the stage for a culture of flexibility that works for everyone!  View a Sample Work-Life Balance Agreement.

Fun Culture

At Wegner CPAs, our staff is one of our most valuable assets. Our culture is based on respect for each other and our clients. We have created a learning environment for our staff and encourage their input, feedback, and ideas. You’ll find an open door policy at Wegner CPAs where staff has access to all levels of management. Our employees enjoy an environment with adaptive work schedules, opportunities to travel, and a “dress for your day” dress code for their comfort! We feel we can still have a professional image while accommodating today’s ever-changing work environments.  While we believe in a professional atmosphere and providing top-notch service to our clients, we also know how to have some fun! There is never a shortage of company and department outings, cookouts, opportunities to participate in team sports, and ping pong tournaments – just to name a few!


We are proud of the fact that Wegner CPAs is very involved in the communities in which we serve. No matter what position you are in, you will have an opportunity to give back to your community, too. Whether you choose to serve on a board or committee, volunteer for a nonprofit organization, join a service organization, participate in Wegner’s giving campaign, or sign-up for one of the many volunteer opportunities to support our clients – the choices are endless!

Attractive Benefits

At Wegner CPAs, our goal is to attract and retain talented professionals. In addition to offering a great work environment, we offer competitive salaries and benefits. Paid training, adaptive work schedules, in-house wellness program, and tuition reimbursement are just a few of the benefit offerings you’ll receive. View our complete benefits package.