Providing Solutions Through Exceptional Accounting Services

Guiding you. Beyond the numbers. is the number one reason we come to work each day at Wegner CPAs. Our experienced professionals find ways to solve the toughest accounting issues you may face as an individual, business or nonprofit. As our clients have grown and evolved over the last 65 years, so have our services. Not only do we offer the services you’d expect from an accounting firm, but we also offer the services that go far beyond to provide unprecedented value.

Work with our business valuation experts to determine the correct value of your business to obtain financing for your expansion. Avoid a state tax audit by working with our state and local tax experts who will make you aware of the complex tax issues affecting your business. Take advantage of the unique tax benefits patronage dividends allow your food cooperative by consulting with our cooperative experts.

Whether you are a nonprofit organization seeking resources, or a manufacturing company expanding into global markets, Wegner CPAs offers the services that enable you to achieve your goals:

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