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Specialized Industry Services

Accounting Consulting for an Array of Industries and Business Functions

Whether it’s overseeing the development of new markets, optimizing your supply chain, or managing your non-profit organization’s board of directors, Wegner CPAs understands that our clients have responsibilities and concerns that go beyond accounting and bookkeeping.

For this reason, in addition to working to reduce your tax and financial reporting burdens, we go even further, offering accounting consulting and expertise in several industry sectors. For example, in the field of manufacturing, we serve clients with tax and accounting consulting services, but also offer unique approaches to solving a range of strategic and operational challenges. We also provide accounting consulting services to help organizations of all types expand business operations in other cities and regions of the United States, as well as overseas (and in particular, Germany).

These and other insights allow us to hit the ground running — and provide market-tested solutions to some of our clients’ most challenging issues. To learn more about our expertise and experience concerning your particular industry, please contact us.

Specific Industries Served

Specific Industries Served

Whether you are a non-profit organization seeking resources, or a manufacturing company expanding into global markets, Wegner CPAs offers the services that enable you to achieve your goals:

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To learn more about how you can put our services to work for you, please get in touch with one of our financial experts today.

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Going far beyond the standard accounting and tax services, our CPAs specialize in several industry areas and are in tune with the opportunities and challenges faced by each.


We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to make sound decisions every day. Check out our extensive mix of educational resources, and please contact us should you need any help finding the answers to your questions.