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Remote Audit, Tax, and Accounting Jobs

Building a remote work environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has had major effects on how companies do business. For Wegner CPAs, this has meant a transition from traditional in-person office spaces to a largely remote workforce and many new opportunities for remote accounting jobs. When the world first shut down we immediately recognized that we would have to adapt our work environments and policies in order to continue to deliver a premier level of service to our clients without compromising our employees’ health and safety. This meant investing in the infrastructure necessary for virtual work, implementing the right software, and prioritizing the expansion of our virtual services.

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

Leadership at Wegner CPAs remains steadfast in our commitment to our employees and our clients. The investments made early in the pandemic have paid off in the long term. In a year of unprecedented economic downturn, Wegner CPAs continues to grow. Though clients and employees are now welcome back in our offices, many employees have chosen to remain virtual at least part of the time. With our updated Work from Home policy, employees are empowered to determine the work arrangement that is right for them – whether that is remotely working from home, a hybrid solution, or in person.  

Remote accounting jobs

Expanding our virtual workforce

While other employers are fighting to bring their employees back to the office, Wegner CPAs is looking to expand our remote workforce. At Wegner, we are firm believers of putting the right people in the right roles and letting them do their jobs. We are excited to offer several remote accounting jobs, as each of our current career opportunities offers a remote option. 

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Remote Work

Employees are empowered to determine the work arrangement that is right for them – whether that is remotely working from home, a hybrid solution, or in person.

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