International Tax

More and more companies are finding opportunities for growth and expansion in global markets. These opportunities, while valuable, also represent a tax risk that must be calculated. When doing business in international markets, companies need to consider how their economic activities will be taxed and how this will impact the bottom line. Whether your company is making an international acquisition, transaction, or opening a new location, it’s essential to understand and plan for the tax impact. Not only should the tax impact for the foreign entity be considered, but so should the impact of income flow to the parent company.

The international tax professionals at Wegner CPAs have years of experience guiding U.S.-based companies through offshore acquisitions, joint ventures, subsidiary development and even U.S. and foreign employee tax issues. In these circumstances, we thoroughly assess tax treaties, and U.S. and foreign tax laws to identify the most efficient tax structure for your international activities. Whatever your situation, our professionals have the practical experience to guide you through any international situation.

Our International Tax Services Include

  • Cross-Border Tax Concerns
  • FBAR & FACTA Compliance (current and prior years)
  • Expatriate Individual Planning & Compliance
  • Foreign Tax Credit Planning
  • International Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Tax Equalization Policies
  • Domestic & Foreign Entity Structuring
  • IC-DISC Planning

International taxes can be quite complex and impacted by a number of factors. To ensure you don’t pay any more taxes than necessary, it’s essential to work with an advisor that’s intimately familiar with the international tax landscape. For additional information on our firm, approach or on our international tax services, please contact us.