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Financial Audit

Audit & Assurance Services

Wegner CPAs’ financial audit services help you to achieve transparency and credibility in financial reporting, while looking for solutions to improve processes, enhance efficiency and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

All of our audit engagements are staffed with expert professionals versed not only in accounting and auditing but also fluent with your particular industry.

Our audit approach is highly tailored for your unique needs. The process begins with an assessment to plan the overall engagement and gain understanding of your needs and expectations. During that meeting, the timing of the audit is scheduled in a way that will minimize the disruption to your work environment. In addition, to ensure the time spent conducting your audit is used most efficiently, we provide an itemized list of audit schedules and other documents to be prepared in advance and make ourselves available to discuss or answer any questions relating to these materials. All of these efforts lend to an efficient and effective audit process.

Audit Details

Audit Details

Our audit procedures are designed to be efficient and provide a basis for our audit opinion. As a result, we are able to provide you with affordable, yet robust service. We discuss all audit adjustments that we propose, as well as those that are considered to be immaterial to the financial statements.

Wegner CPAs uses the information shared during the brainstorming sessions and collected throughout the audit process to identify areas for improvement in internal controls and other financial and operational matters to provide you with practical recommendations. If identified during the audit, these recommendations are included in the management letter issued with the audit reports. Following the completion of your audit, we discuss its results and provide you a draft of the auditor’s report and management letter prior to issuing the final documents. This approach enhances communication and minimizes misunderstanding.

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Our Approach

Wegner CPAs’ relationship-based approach ensures that year after year, you will see familiar faces on your audit team. Due to low employee turnover, many of our clients have the same audit team for many years. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure we meet your expectations before, during and after the audit while maintaining an independent objectivity that provides you with unbiased value-added services.

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Providing full-service audit solutions to a variety of clients, including businesses and non-profit organizations.

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Going far beyond the standard accounting and tax services, our CPAs specialize in several industry areas and are in tune with the opportunities and challenges faced by each.


We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to make sound decisions every day. Check out our extensive mix of educational resources, and please contact us should you need any help finding the answers to your questions.