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Nonprofit success begins with excellent governance practices.

Whether you are a small nonprofit, just starting up, or a national association, effective board governance is crucial in achieving your mission.

Boards have four key responsibilities: Legal and Fiduciary, Oversight, Fundraising and Representation of the Stakeholders in the mission of the organization. Depending on the size and scope of your nonprofit, the type of board you instill may vary. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all board and Wegner CPAs’ nonprofit experts will help you identify the governance needs of your organization.

Keys to Successful Board Governance

Keys to Successful Board Governance

  • A strong recruitment and nomination process
  • Effective board orientation
  • Clearly defined board roles and responsibilities
  • Commitment to financial literacy on the part of the board
  • Effective meeting procedures
  • Committee structure that helps the board to conduct business
  • Planned commitment to strategic planning
  • Code of ethics and conflict of interest policies
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of executive staff
  • Commitment to fundraising on the part of all individuals
  • Leadership
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Expertly positioned to help you identify the governance needs unique to your organization and ensure you have the proper policies and procedures in place.

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