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Blog Category: Outsourced Accounting

4 Tips for a Smooth Year-End

As you prepare to close your books for the end of the year, here are a few tips to guide you to a smooth landing on December 31st. 1. Gather

Have you considered a 457 tax-deferred plan?

What is a 457 plan? And how does it work? A 457 plan allows employees working for the state, local government, or specific nonprofits to save and invest money for

Understanding the Statement of Cash Flows

What is the statement of cash flows? The statement of cash flows is a financial statement that illustrates an entity’s sources (inflows) and uses (outflows) of cash and cash equivalents.

CAS, CAAS, Outsourcing, Trusted Advisor, what does it all mean?

CAS (or CAAS) stands for “Client Accounting Services” or “Client Accounting and Advisory Services.”  Still clear as mud, right?  These new buzz phrases refer to a variety of services that

What Your Accountant Needs to Know

When something changes in business, the logistics and operational departments are often the first to know, but what about the accountants? It can be hard to know exactly what your

Getting your books ready for the new year

With the new year upon us, the time has come to close the books on 2021. For many companies, January is also the beginning of the new fiscal year, and

Is a Role in Client Accounting and Advisory Services Right for You?

When an individual graduates with a degree in Accounting and an interest in joining a public accounting firm, they are faced with a choice — “Which career track will work

Evaluating Your Tech Stack

As new technology and software are developed each day, it is important to always be evaluating your organization’s technology stack. You might be asking yourself, “What is a tech stack?”.

Benefits of Bank Feeds for Quickbooks Online and Desktop

Ever thought about using Bank Feeds in either your Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online system but haven’t made the move? If your financial institution is one of the many that

Statement of Functional Expenses

What is the Statement of Functional Expenses? The statement of functional expenses (SOFE) is a financial report used by not-for-profit organizations to present the functional classification of expenses in addition