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Form 990T – Unrelated Business Income Tax Refresher

Internal Revenue Code section 501(a) organizations are generally exempt from federal income tax.  However, if an organization engages in an unrelated trade or business or uses leverage to generate income,

Where To Start When You Want to Join the Wisconsin Private School Choice Program

If you are considering joining the Private School Choice Program (PSCP), or have just entered the program, this webinar will help you understand the questions you need to ask and

990 Schedule C: Lobbying for Associations

Is your association compliant with lobbying regulations and reporting? This webinar will guide you through the ins and outs of lobbying expenditures, share practical tips and best practices for completing

Essentials of Non-Profit Revenue

Revenue and support are essential to a not-for-profit’s sustainability. This course is designed for practical exploration of the financial reporting of revenue and support. Using examples, we will apply the

Basics of Nonprofit Financial Statements

For some, financial statements feel like they are written in a different language. Liabilities? Cash flows? Change in Net Assets? What do they all mean, and why are they important?

Faith in Numbers

Faith in Numbers is designed to equip individuals who are leading and working in churches and religious organizations in the areas of finance and organizational development. Webinar topics include:  

Accounting & Audit Update 2022

During this webinar, we bring you up to date on the latest developments in auditing and accounting that impact non-profits starting with 2022 calendar year-end. We cover the following topics:

QuickBooks Users Group for Non-Profits

We begin each session with a short presentation, then invite our guests to ask our experts questions and share ideas with other QuickBooks users. QuickBooks Accounts Receivable for Non-Profits This

Basics of Accounting Policies and Procedures

The accounting policy and procedures manual is an oft-overlooked document in an organization but provides significant insight into the actions of your accounting team. In this next installment of our

What You Need to Know About In-Kind Contributions

In-kind contributions are an important resource to many not-for-profits but tracking and valuing these contributions may be challenging. What are the reporting requirements and best practices to account for in-kind contributions? What