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Blog Author: John Folsom

Fraud Prevention for Small Business
Unfortunately for many small businesses, the “F” word has become increasingly common.  It’s a word that’s painful to hear, and a word that should definitely be avoided in a respectable
Year-End Tax Updates and Legislative Changes
Thinking about renting your vacation home? Here’s what you need to know for tax reporting.
It has become increasingly common for people with vacation homes to consider renting the home out to others when not in use, in order to earn some additional income and
woman sitting in front of computer at home
Working From Home? When To Consider the Home Office Deduction
More and more people are working from home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you spend time working at home, you may wonder whether you can deduct expenses related to
Don’t Forget to Consider Estate Planning and Gifting Strategies
Questions often arise related to estate planning and gifting.  Fortunately, the current estate tax exemption amount for 2020 is $11.58 million, so many individuals no longer need to be concerned
Your Third Quarter Individual Estimated Tax Deadline is September 16: Do You Need to Make a Payment?
If you’re an owner of a Partnership, S-Corporation, or Sole Proprietorship and don’t have withholding from paychecks, or if you have a lot of income from investments or rental properties,
Do You Need to File a Gift Tax Return?
If you gifted cash or other property to others in 2018, you may have a gift tax filing requirement.  Gifts may also include interest-free loans or below-fair-value sales.  The receipt
Tax Reform Provisions for Contractors
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017, and it offers substantial changes in the U.S. tax law for both businesses and individuals.  Provisions