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Blog Month: June 2022

Fraud Prevention for Small Business

Unfortunately for many small businesses, the “F” word has become increasingly common.  It’s a word that’s painful to hear, and a word that should definitely be avoided in a respectable

2022 Q3 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses and other employers

Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the third quarter of 2022. Keep in mind that this list isn’t all-inclusive, so there may

Estate Planning and Income Tax: Have a Plan

As of 2022, the current estate tax exemption is $12.06 million, allowing many to disregard concerns with federal estate tax. Compared to a decade ago, when planning was focused on

QuickBooks Users Group for Businesses

We offer a guided discussion and a short presentation on different ways to categorize data and how to run the reports, including: Classing Locations Job Tracking Projects Handouts PowerPoint Presentation

What You Need to Know About In-Kind Contributions

In-kind contributions are an important resource to many not-for-profits but tracking and valuing these contributions may be challenging. What are the reporting requirements and best practices to account for in-kind contributions? What

Three Reasons Non-Federal Entities Receiving Federal Awards Should Use the OMB Compliance Supplement

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Compliance Supplement is issued annually providing information on Federal programs’ objectives, procedures, and compliance requirements as well as audit objectives and suggested audit

CAS, CAAS, Outsourcing, Trusted Advisor, what does it all mean?

CAS (or CAAS) stands for “Client Accounting Services” or “Client Accounting and Advisory Services.”  Still clear as mud, right?  These new buzz phrases refer to a variety of services that

Do you have to pay tax on Social Security?

Finding out your Social Security benefits may be taxable is a surprise to some taxpayers. The answer to the question if your benefits could be subject to tax is: “it

IRS Mileage Rate Increased in Response to High Gas Prices

Effective July 1, 2022, the IRS has increased the 2022 standard mileage rate to 62.5 cents per mile. This is an increase of 4 cents over the rate that was

How Series EE Savings Bonds are Taxed

Parents and relatives often purchase Series E and Series EE savings bonds for their kids and as financial gifts for younger family members. In fact, most owners rarely look at