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Blog Month: June 2016

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As I’ve been back from the Netherlands for a few weeks now and I think back on my time there, it’s hard to pick a favorite place as everything was

New Thresholds for Nonprofit Sales in Wisconsin

For some nonprofit organizations, selling goods and/or services is a way for them to support their mission.  In most circumstances, these organizations are required to collect and remit sales and

Does your organization have a cell phone policy in place?

Cell phones are such a normal daily part of our lives that it is hard to remember a time when we didn’t have them around. Today, we use our cell

3 Easy Ways to Safeguard Your Religious Organization’s Assets

As members of a religious organization, we probably do not want to entertain the idea that the people handling the finances could be dishonest. But, the truth is that fraud

Do you have too many products in development?

The main reason good product ideas fail is that they get stuck between conception and development, often in processes that inhibit breakthrough innovation, according to a study by CGT magazine

Important Changes to Non-Profit 1952, 308 and 1943 Returns

Great news for 501(c)(3) exempt organizations that solicit contributions in Wisconsin. Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill 778 (Act 163) into law in February and changes have now been implemented by