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Essentials of Non-Profit Revenue
Revenue and support are essential to a not-for-profit’s sustainability. This course is designed for practical exploration of the financial reporting of revenue and support. Using examples, we will apply the
QuickBooks User Group for Non-Profits | Year-End Processes
We begin this QuickBooks User Group with a short presentation on year-end processes, then open up the discussion to ask our experts questions and share ideas with other QuickBooks users.
Understanding the IRS Form 990 for Executives
The Form 990 can prove for many organizations to be a daunting task to complete and review.  It might feel overwhelming to Executives or Directors reviewing the form to try
Basics of Nonprofit Financial Statements
For some, financial statements feel like they are written in a different language. Liabilities? Cash flows? Change in Net Assets? What do they all mean, and why are they important?
Enterprise Risk Management for Non-Profits
Not-for-Profits are faced with challenges and disruptive risk events that threaten their financial strength and sustainability. Enterprise risk management (ERM) provides a framework for proactively identifying potential risks and developing
New Lease Accounting Standard Made Easy
As the year-end approaches, many businesses and exempt organizations are taking a look at the new lease standard and its requirements. For those overwhelmed by the new standard, please join
QuickBooks User Group | Accounting 101 in QuickBooks Online
Learn how to: Organize your chart of accounts Sort your transactions into the right accounts Create and understand key financial statements Edit journal entries to fix errors Webinar Recording
Accounting & Audit Update 2022
During this webinar, we bring you up to date on the latest developments in auditing and accounting that impact non-profits starting with 2022 calendar year-end. We cover the following topics:
QuickBooks Users Group for Non-Profits
We begin each session with a short presentation, then invite our guests to ask our experts questions and share ideas with other QuickBooks users. QuickBooks Accounts Receivable for Non-Profits This
Basics of Accounting Policies and Procedures
The accounting policy and procedures manual is an oft-overlooked document in an organization but provides significant insight into the actions of your accounting team. In this next installment of our