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Blog Month: February 2018

The New Tax Law and Co-ops Taxed as Partnerships or S-Corporations

Cooperatives that are taxed as partnerships or S-corporations fall under the general tax rules applicable to all partnerships and S-corporations.  The Subchapter T rules that apply to incorporated cooperatives do

Guidance on Subrecipient and Contractor Determinations

When an organization receives Federal funds from a pass-through entity (pass-through), it will be classified as either a subrecipient or a contractor, depending on the structure of the agreement. If

Tax deduction for moving costs: 2017 vs. 2018

If you moved for work-related reasons in 2017, you might be able to deduct some of the costs on your 2017 return — even if you don’t itemize deductions. (Or,

Revised Depreciation Rules

Purchases of equipment, vehicles and other business property that is not buildings and real estate are eligible for more rapid write-offs.  These rules are changed on a regular basis so

Change in Corporate Tax Rates

The new corporate tax rate was the headline change made by this new tax law.  That rate is, of course, a flat 21% on all taxable income. Not all businesses will

The New Federal Tax Law Effects on Non-Profits

The 2017 tax reform legislation is the biggest change to the tax law since 1986. While many of the changes affect individuals and for profit entities, there are some important

Families with college students may save tax on their 2017 returns with one of these breaks

Whether you had a child in college (or graduate school) last year or were a student yourself, you may be eligible for some valuable tax breaks on your 2017 return.

Secrets to a Successful Audit

Successful audits hinge on communication and documentation. As such, preparing for an audit can either be an easy or daunting task depending on your experience and the state of your

Creating a Meaningful Budget

Say the word budget and you may see eyes glaze over, people shrink down in their chair or attention shift to cell phones.  The term “budgeting” is often burdened with

Wisconsin Property Tax: What’s New as of January 1, 2018?

The 2017 Wisconsin Tax Act 59 gave all Wisconsin commercial businesses some property tax relief. There’s been some questions around the changes so let’s dive right in. The exemptions in