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Blog Author: Nolan Breunig

Jump Start your Retirement Nest Egg with a Solo 401(k)

Are you self-employed? If your business has no employees and produces substantial net self-employment income, implementing a solo 401(k) is a great tool to help you build a nest egg

Got a Letter From Uncle Sam? Don’t delay in responding.

The IRS sends notices or letters for a variety of reasons; a change to your return, a balance due, or a request for additional information just to name a few. 

There’s a deduction for student loan interest … but do you qualify for it?

If you’re paying back college loans for yourself or your children, you may wonder if you can deduct the interest you pay on the loans. The answer is yes, subject

Scholarships are usually tax free but they could result in taxable Income

The costs of education continue to rise year after year.  Tuition, fees, books, school supplies are just a few of the yearly costs for students.  No matter if you have

Are My Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Are you close to retirement? In planning for retirement, an important question to consider: Are my social security benefits going to be taxable?  The short answer is, it depends. To

How to help reduce your Unemployment Tax Liability

As a company grows it more than likely will need to hire employees and pay those employees wages.  An employer that pays wages has a responsibility to pay payroll taxes