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Blog Author: Dan Bergs

Employee Retention Credit Updates – IRS Processing Times & Strategies to Enhance Credit
Quick background – If you have not explored the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), you may qualify for a payroll tax credit that has resulted in significant refunds. ERC is available
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Important “to do” item before filing Q1 Form 941
Businesses and organizations that have suffered a decline in gross receipts may qualify for an employee retention credit (ERC). Recent legislation has extended the ERC through Q4 2021. For 2021,
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Employee Retention Credit
The IRS recently came out with Notice 2021-20 providing guidance on the employee retention credit. This guidance is specific to 2020, but the concepts can also be applied to 2021.
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COVID Relief Act Enhances Higher Education Tax Credits and Deduction
Getting a college education is expensive. It is also a great investment in your future as well as the future of your child or grandchild. There are some tax benefits
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Changes to the Employee Retention Credit Good News for Employers – Allows for Retroactive Tax Credit (or Payroll Tax Refund)
Included in the COVID Relief stimulus package signed into law on December 27, 2020 were significant changes to certain payroll tax credits.  Enhancements under the Relief Act, especially to the
Rolling over capital gains into a qualified opportunity fund
If you’re selling a business interest, real estate or other highly appreciated property, you could get hit with a substantial capital gains tax bill. One way to soften the blow
Struggling to Make Your Federal Tax Payments?
Most taxpayers file and pay taxes on time. However, there are circumstances where taxpayers aren’t able to make timely federal tax payments. In those cases, there are some options for
Families First Coronavirus Response Act
On March 18, there was a new law passed called the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201). This Act has several impacts on employers.  We have highlighted two major
Navigating the Kiddie Tax – After Tax Reform
You may have heard the term “kiddie tax” before. The “kiddie tax” rules prevent high-income taxpayers from shifting “unearned income” to their children or grandchildren in lower tax brackets. Children,
Reasons to file taxes early
You're now able to file tax returns and this is a great year to file earlier if you typically wait until close to April 15.