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Blog Author: Amanda VanNatta

How to Report Name, Address, and Year End Changes for Exempt Organization to the IRS

Change is necessary and normal for all organizations. For example, during their lifecycle, exempt organizations may find the need to rebrand and change their name. Other common situations include, exempt
many different video faces

‘Virtual’ Trade Show Guidance

Net income received by a tax-exempt organization may be subject to federal corporate income taxation if the income is generated by the performance of an activity that is a trade

Tax Deadline for Nonprofits and Foundations is Now July 15th

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Internal Revenue Service announced that nonprofits and foundations will have more time to file their informational tax returns (Form 990 series returns). Non-profits

Accounting for Non-Accountants | Financial Statements

Transcript: Welcome to “Accounting for Non-Accountants,” our how-to video series that answers your everyday questions about accounting.  In this video, we will be discussing how an organization can bring credibility

How to claim a refund of tax incurred related to qualified transportation fringes

Legislation signed December 20, 2019 retroactively repealed Internal Revenue Code Section 512(a)(7), which increased unrelated business taxable income by amounts paid or incurred for qualified transportation fringes.  The IRS released