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Faith in Numbers

June 20 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm



At Wegner CPAs, we understand that financial accountability is important to all places of worship and other religious organizations. We want to ensure that you stay informed of how accounting and other financial related issues affect your church or religious organization.

Join us for a day of education with a keynote address and 12 breakout sessions guiding churches and religious organizations on a path to financial accountability






9:30 – 10:30 AM 

Visionaries and Administrators – A Marriage Made In Heaven

Marcio SierraMarcio Sierra Jr., Lighthouse Church and School

Most if not all religious organizations start with two things: A vision and a person who has the vision.  For many visionaries, those visions came in the form of a dream, a sudden thought, or a desire that was birthed from within.  Regardless of what the vision is, one thing is certain, visionaries will need more than just a few thoughts written down on a napkin in order to make that vision a reality and that is why God created administrators.  In this session, Pastor Sierra will share his personal testimony and experience about the need to have a vision that is supported with administration; otherwise, you are in for a frustrating ride.



Breakout Sessions 

10:45 AM – 12:00 PM


Your Donors and Generosity: Connecting the Head to the Heart

Linda Maris, National Christian Foundation WisconsinLinda Maris

Yes, you CAN build and grow the financial capacity of your organization by creating a culture of generosity! Charitable giving is a matter of the heart because generosity is a reflection of faith and spiritual maturity. Attend and receive resources on how to foster a culture of transformational generosity within your organization – as well as with your donors/members who desire to make a greater impact with their charitable dollars. Even more, you’ll learn about executing the “how” of giving, which is less often addressed (the benefits and methods of making wise charitable gifts). You’ll leave feeling inspired with effective ways to create a culture of generosity, the tools to do so, and a better understanding of how to help your members/donors give in tax-smart ways.


How to Grow and Connect Using Social Media

Laura GallagherBetsy EzellLaura Gallagher & Betsy Ezell, The Creative Company, Inc.

At this session, Laura will guide you through best practices for faith based organizations. She’ll show you case studies, an overview of how to organize it all and walk you through how to use advertising on these platforms to reach a broader audience.



Accounting Software Options: Is There a Best Fit?

Sam MillerSam Miller & Christy Rudolf, Wegner CPAs

There are many options for accounting packages, but which one is the right fit for your organization?  This session will review accounting software options for organizations of all sizes and all budgets.  We will focus on the pros and cons of specific accounting software, including QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, Intacct, and



Ministerial Compensation and Tax Issues – How the Church and Clergy can Avoid Common Mistakes

Dale KuninDale Kunin, Wegner CPAs

Clergy compensation and taxation are quite unique and often misunderstood. Many congregations and clergy incorrectly assume ministers pay fewer taxes than average taxpayers. Faith organizations must handle their ministerial taxes correctly to avoid costly mistakes and headaches. Join us to learn about avoiding the most common mistakes as well as identifying opportunities to minimize the taxes for both church and minister. Topics will include housing allowance, self-employment taxes, other income taxability, and ministerial deductions.


Networking Lunch

12:00 – 1:00 PM

Lunch will be provided and you will have an opportunity to talk with other attendees!


Breakout Sessions

1:00 – 2:15 PM


Properly Recording Revenue for Your Religious Organization

Mike HablewitzMike Hablewitz, Wegner CPAs

Does your organization keep its books on the accrual basis? Or, are you looking to switch your books from the cash basis to the accrual basis? This session will build upon last year’s session on accounting for restricted and designated gifts, and will address how to properly account for revenue on the accrual basis. We will discuss several topics including: promises to give (pledges receivable), including multi-year pledges, and other restricted and designated gifts; investment income and gains/losses; income from sales of books or other items; rent or building usage income; and how to record special offerings collected and passed on to other organizations.


Capital Campaigns: Best Practices, Common Mistakes

Brent-HafeleBrent A. Hafele, Dickerson, Bakker & Associates

Capital campaigns can have a huge impact on your organization. They can infuse fresh energy into your agency, enhance capacity, and increase efficiency. In this session, learn four best practices and four common mistakes in capital campaigns. Join Brent to learn how to position your campaign for success.


Reaching and Engaging Millennials

Melodi-BuntingMelodi Bunting, Wegner CPAs

Millennials are more educated and diverse than prior generations. They are known for being confident, self-expressive, and open to change as they do not feel bound to trends or traditions. In this session we will explore ideas and practical ways to reach and engage young adults.


Retirement Planning 101

Joe-GabrielJoe Gabriel, Thrivent Financial

Many people are still nervous about the stock market after the Great Recession and the future of social security is unknown, but the need to retire wisely is as important as ever. This seminar will cover different retirement plans and options you have for your organization as well as guiding you on how to make sure you are providing your staff with resources that will enable them to plan with confidence. Other questions to be addressed include (but not limited to): What should I think about when setting up a retirement plan at my organization? Do different plans have different features? Do plans carry different costs and expenses?


Breakout Sessions

2:30 – 3:45 PM


Above Reproach: Being Accountable to God, Your Congregation, and Yourself

Scott HaumersenScott Haumersen, Wegner CPAs

In this session you will learn what it means to be a good steward of the money that you have been entrusted with. Transparency and accountability, along with good governance, are the cornerstones of this principle. We will discuss what the word “audit” means and how it is commonly misunderstood. You will learn the basics of internal controls and be provided with a sample internal audit program that can be instituted in your congregation. Finally, we will discuss a service unique to Wegner CPAs, the “Phased in” approach, which may be just the solution to build accountability and trust in your congregation.


All Kinds of In-Kinds: A Discussion on Noncash Contributions

Hannah-LanserHannah Lanser, Wegner CPAs

Noncash contributions, also known as gifts in kind, come in all shapes and sizes. They include donated goods, donated services, and donated facilities. Does your organization receive items of this nature? Are you recording the value of these items in your financial statements? Do you have items you wish you had not received? In this session, we will cover the accounting, regulatory, and administrative requirements for receiving noncash contributions as well as situations when the best decision is to graciously decline.


Unrelated Business Income Tax for Churches and Religious Organizations

David OdahlDavid Odahl, Wegner CPAs

Even though churches and religious organizations are recognized as tax exempt, certain sources of their income may create a tax liability. This session will provide an overview of the tax implications of income-producing activities that are unrelated to a church’s or religious organization’s tax-exempt purposes. Churches and religious organizations may be subject to tax on the income from these activities. Additionally, if these activities are substantial, a church or religious organization may lose its tax-exempt status.




Faith in Numbers is sponsored by: 

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June 20
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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