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Faith in Numbers

Faith in Numbers is designed to equip individuals who are leading and working in churches and religious organizations in the areas of finance and organizational development. Webinar topics include:


Leading in a New Normal

Presented by Kim Porter, Chief of Staff, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The reality is we are in a new normal and there’s no going back to pre-pandemic life or work. Kim Porter will be sharing her experience over the last few years about the challenges she faced as well as lessons learned along the way.


Metrics that Matter

Presented by Melodi Bunting & Hannah Lanser, Wegner CPAs

In a post-pandemic world, many reporting standards of the past are no longer effective. In the session, we will guide you through the importance of reporting that impacts decision-making and future planning.


Where do we go from here?

Panel Discussion

Our panel of speakers will answer your questions, and share lessons learned, and best practices to consider.


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