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Developing a 13 Week Cash Flow Forecast

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person in suit with a graph in front of them showing increases from 2018-2021

Understanding your cash flow needs in these times of uncertainty is more important than ever.  Join us as our experts show you how to get an understanding of your current situation and help you build out a cash flow forecast.  Together you will be taking a look at your:

  • Current ratio
  • Working capital
  • Understanding fixed vs. variable expenses
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Cash conversion cycle

This will help you forecast out expenses for a 13 week period and help you be prepared and able to respond accordingly to any financial challenges that lie ahead.




Tim Seidel is a Senior Manager in Wegner CPAs’ Assurance Department.  Since joining the firm in August 2009, he has worked on financial statement audits, compliance audits, and tax return preparation. Tim currently works with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and businesses. This has allowed him to gain a variety of knowledge and expertise to bring to your engagement.

Kyle Kaja is a Manager in Wegner CPAs’ assurance department. He joined the firm in September 2015 with over six years of experience in public accounting. Kyle has worked with a variety of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, specializing in full-scope audit and review engagements. He also has extensive experience servicing clients in the manufacturing and distribution industry.

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