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Getting Ready for Year-End | QuickBooks Users Group

Are there a few processes or tasks in QuickBooks that trouble you? Do you have challenges with certain functions that you can’t seem to overcome? If so, bring your challenges

Year-End Tax Updates

Join the experts at Wegner CPAs to learn about the tax updates that may impact you or your business this year. We’ll take a look at: Employee Retention Credit –

COVID Relief Program Updates and Q&A

Do you still have questions about the COVID relief programs? Join us for an overview of what’s available and learn about any updates to the: Paycheck Protection Program Employee Retention

Due Diligence from a Tax & Accounting Perspective

Join us for our next webinar as we answer these questions: Why do I need to be aware of Due Diligence if I am selling my company? How can I

Overview of Buy-Sell Agreements and the Important Role they Play in Succession Planning

Webinars for business owners and those that support them. Join us for our next webinar as we discuss: What is a Buy-Sell Agreement? What are the methods of funding buy-sell

Beware of syndicated conservation easement tax deductions and other red flags

Professional skepticism is an attitude that includes a questioning mind and a critical assessment of the evidence. In exercising professional skepticism, one should not be satisfied with less than persuasive

State of the Market for Business Sales

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) – Understand the Basics

ESOP’s have gained popularity as a transition plan for business owners. Join us for our next webinar as we explore the basics of what an ESOP is and what it

How to Recruit and Find Great People When Talent is Tight

Q&A forum with FW Consulting regarding the tax burden decrease.
hands raised in a crowd with a speaker blurred in the background

FW Consulting Tax Burden Q&A

Q&A forum with FW Consulting regarding the tax burden decrease.