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Worried about ID Theft or Your SSN has been Compromised? Steps to Protect Your WI Tax Filing.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue announced a new way for individuals to protect their Wisconsin tax accounts. The Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN prevents fraudsters from using an individual’s personal information to file a return and receiving that person’s Wisconsin tax refund.


Individuals must register for My Tax Account to receive your unique Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN.  After registration is complete and a PIN is received, you:

  • will have comfort in knowing your Wisconsin tax accounts are secure and no one else can file a tax return with your information
  • you can quickly and easily renew your Wisconsin PIN each year

Note, if you also have received an IRS PIN, that PIN is different from what the Wisconsin Department of Revenue will provide.

Please visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue FAQ page for more info plus links to request a Wisconsin PIN.  Go to:

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