Wegner CPAs Logo

Logo Components

The Wegner CPAs logo is comprised of a logo mark (the circle with the signature W) and a word mark (the letters Wegner CPAs) and is available with or without the brand line. In either orientation, it is designed for use as a single piece of art and should be used as designed in most applications. All printed or internet Wegner CPAs-based marketing communications must include the complete logo as designed. Do not create your own version of the logo. Do not alter the size, shape or proportional relationship of any logo component.

Minimum Size

Standard width for print should appear 2.5 inches or 65 mm wide. When space does not permit the standard width, the logo must have a minimum width of 1.25 inches or 32 mm. For Websites or interactive mediums, the minimum width is 140 pixels.

Corporate Colors

The official colors of our logo are PMS 2945 blue, PMS 369 green and process black, or the CMYK percentages defined below. When one-color usage is necessary, the logo may appear in grey, 100% black, or in white.

  • Pantone 2945 blue – C100/ M52/ Y2/ K12 R0/ G84/ B159
  • Pantone 369 green – C67/ M0/ Y98/ K5 R88/ G166/ B24
  • Pantone Process Black – C0/ M0/ Y0/ K100 R30/ G30/ B30