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Taxes and Accounting for Start-up Food Cooperatives
Posted by: Bruce Mayer 4 years ago

We have been involved in the Food Cooperative (FCI) Initiative annual conference, Up & Coming, for four years.   Bruce has been giving and refining a presentation on Taxes and Accounting for Start-Up Food Cooperatives.  In 2014, FCI coordinated putting the presentation on You Tube.

The presentation has been slightly modified since the presentation in 2014. Here is the current PowerPoint for the talk for March 10, 2017.

If you are a start-up food coop and you have not visited FCI’s website you really need to spend a lot of time there and get in touch with them.

The conference is held in early March and is currently hosted by Outpost Natural Foods in Milwaukee.

Please feel free to send along follow-up questions you have after watching the presentation to Bruce Mayer.



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