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Running a Tight Ship During the COVID Storm

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a dollar folded into an origami paper boat floating on a sea of masks

Are your ducks in a row?  Now may be the best time to review your board governance, by-laws, and state statutes.  We are living in a new normal and need to ensure that our organizations are structured to be flexible while still being compliant in our current and future environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify areas of board governance and participation to be reassessed
  • Review standard by-laws and identify possible risk areas for noncompliance
  • Understand your state statutes and how to best use them to your advantage





Melodi Bunting, CPA, CMA, CGMA, Training and Career Development Manager at Wegner CPAs, develops and coordinates effective internal and external training opportunities, and constructs a career development plan for each staff member of the Assurance department. Additionally, Melodi works with the audit team performing audits and tax return preparation for a number of different tax-exempt organizations. Melodi annually attends continuing professional education seminars on accounting, auditing, compliance, and tax issues.

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