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Planning for a Virtual Tax Season

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Planning for a virtual tax season may seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be, and in fact you might actually find it more efficient than lugging that old shoe box full of receipts to our office!  Watch the video, or continue reading for tips on our virtual tax season procedures and to learn how your tax return process will run smoothly this year.   

Save a trip to our office and send us all of your documents electronically! Work with your tax professional to set up a ShareFile portal. This will create a highly secure document upload link that lets you send us documents safely and quickly.  

If you prefer to drop off your paper documents?  Our Madison, Baraboo, and Milwaukee offices all have drop boxes outside of the building. These drop boxes are secured are checked daily. If you do drop off any tax documents in one of these boxes, it might be a good idea to send your tax professional an email or give them a call just to know they should be expecting this information.   

Our accountants will be using safe send again this year.  Safesend is a user-friendly and highly secure technology solution that allows you to review and receive all of your tax documents, as well as e-sign required e-filing forms from the convenience of a computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Ask any of your tax professionals to get you signed up with Safe Send!  You will receive an email from Wegner that will list the details of how to gain access to your tax return through Safe Send and answer any questions you may have.   

Wegner has an easy way to pay your bills on our website. In the upper right-hand corner in blue, just click “payment” and the website will guide you through the rest.   

If you have any questions regarding your tax return or about tax planning this year, please reach out to your relationship manager. They would be happy to set up a phone call with you or a virtual zoom meeting to go over any questions and documents that you have.   

At the end of the day, our tax professionals are dedicated to giving you the best experience and have taken steps to make sure that the virtual tax season this year is easy on all our clients.  If you do have any questions about the tips we talked about today, reach out to your accountant and they would be happy to walk you through any of these steps.   

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