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Basics of Nonprofit Cost Allocations

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Cost allocation in nonprofit organizations is an accounting concept that sounds simple but can often be exasperating and overwhelming to apply.  Several different authorities – the IRS, the financial accounting standards board, and organizational funders – demand that effective cost allocation methods be implemented.  Can we make this daunting activity feel less complicated?  You bet we can!  This presentation will make us more comfortable with and less intimidated by the cost allocation process.

Learning Objectives

  • Demystify the cost allocation process
  • Examine the basic fundamentals of what a sound cost allocation system entails
  • Discuss pitfalls to avoid




Brian Dahlk is a senior manager in Wegner CPAs’ Assurance Department.  Brian has worked for the last several years on the audits of dozens of different nonprofit and cooperative organizations.  Brian received his master’s degree in business in 1992 and his Certified Public Accountant designation in 2006.  Prior to joining Wegner CPAs, Brian owned a business and worked as a financial manager for several nonprofits and cooperatives in Wisconsin and California.  Brian also prepares tax returns for cooperative organizations.

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