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April 15th Tax Day moved to summer – now the deadline is July 15th!
Posted by: Mike Scholz 1 year ago

Americans will have an additional three months to file their taxes amid the coronavirus pandemic.  In addition,  Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted that  “All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties.”

While not official yet, we expect that Wisconsin (and other states) will adopt these extended due dates for both filing returns and tax payments.

Wegner CPAs is mindful of keeping our staff and their families safe in these challenging times.  We will continue to work with our clients to file those business and individual tax returns that will be due by this  “new” July 15th Tax day.    

Finally, we will continue to blog and provide updates on specific details and IRS guidance on the postponed deadlines as it is published by the IRS and the states. Please contact your Wegner CPAs tax professional for answers to your specific questions.

Stay tuned

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  1. D. Stephen Smith :

    When could I pay the income tax that I generally pay around April 15th. Does it mean I don’t have to pay the 2019 income tax that I owe until July 15th. Would this be the same for state and federal taxes?

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    • Mike Scholz :

      Mr. Smith – thanks for the question. Your 2019 tax return balance due (including a Q1 (2020) federal estimated tax payment) can be paid anytime but no later than July 15th without incurring a late payment or interest charge.

      States have not officially stated they will follow the federal rules on the 3 month extension but we would be amazed if they did not adopt the same due dates and payment dates as allowed for the federal return.

      Regards- Mike

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