Nonprofit Speakers Bureau and Board Training

Our non-profit speaker’s bureau offers a number of one hour board training programs free of charge for non-profit organizations, and are led by professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in non-profit management and governance. Browse the list below of topics available through our non-profit speaker’s bureau, or contact Scott Haumersen for more information.

Nonprofit Speakers Bureau Topics

  • Financial Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations – Strong Nonprofits
  • Financial Responsibilities of Board Members
  • How to Read and Understand Nonprofit Financial Statements
  • Strategies to Navigate through a Financial Storm
  • Benchmarking for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Protecting Your Organization Against Fraud
  • Obtaining and Maintaining Tax Exempt Status for Small Nonprofits
  • Understanding and Reviewing the IRS Form 990
  • Funding Your Future: A Guide to Nonprofit Reserves
  • Nonprofit Budgeting With Your Board

To learn more about the non-profit speakers bureau or to schedule a training, please fill out the form below.