The Importance of Financial Accountability in Achieving your Mission

One of the most common roadblocks to achieving your nonprofit mission is a lack of financial accountability. Essential to successful nonprofit financial accountability is ensuring your board members are financially literate and have a sound understanding of financial practices and that your overall financial management system includes policies and procedures that support transparent reporting to your stakeholders.

Creating a Financial Control System

Ultimately, the goal of a financial management system is to implement sufficient financial policies that ensure financial reporting is accurate and reliable, and that the assets of the organization are safeguarded. By creating a strategic accounting system and implementing sufficient control policies, your organization will be on its way to achieving strong financial accountability.

Guiding You

Implementing a comprehensive financial accountability system requires thoughtful assessment, transparency and sound financial knowledge. Wegner CPAs is your partner to achieving financial accountability and can help in a variety of ways:

  • Implementing a comprehensive system
  • Identifying weaknesses in your existing system and creating solutions
  • Working with your board to achieve financial literacy
  • Guiding the creation of written policies and procedures that summarize your control systems