Virtual Audit Services for Nonprofits

Times have changed. For many nonprofits traditional office environments are a thing of the past. More and more organizations are using cloud based accounting systems, electronic bill paying and operating in a less-paper or paper-free finance department. In addition, we are seeing more nonprofits using outsourced accounting professionals for their accounting and financial reporting needs. These outsourced accountants typically maintain the books of the nonprofit in a virtual platform, which aids in efficiency and provides easy access to financial data.

To serve this audience, Wegner CPAs has created a virtual audit team.  Members of our virtual audit team specialize in working on financial statement audits and IRS Form 990 for organizations that either do not have an office to conduct the audit or would prefer to have the auditors work remotely.

Benefits of a Virtual Audit

We have found that virtual audits can often be more efficient than onsite audits because the audit team does not have to travel to the client’s office and set up and take down computers.  We also have found that virtual audits provide our clients with more flexibility in scheduling of audit fieldwork to meet your internal deadlines.

Another benefit of a virtual audit can be reduced audit fees.  Since we have less travel and set up time, we gladly pass this savings along to our clients.  We also are able to staff virtual audits with more experienced staff, which makes the client preparation process much more efficient.

Guiding You

Even when we conduct audits remotely, we still can meet with you in person to discuss your organization, internal controls and the audit process.   This meeting can be at your office location or as an electronic meeting online.

If you would like to find out if a virtual audit is right for your organization, please contact Glenn Miller, CPA, Partner at 888-204-7665 or, or fill out the form below.