Understanding that translates American to German


Doing business in America can be difficult for German subsidiaries or for companies led by German managers. The German way of doing business is different from the American way, and success in America often requires the assistance of professionals who understand both cultures and can work to bridge them.

At Wegner CPAs, we have been serving German and German-American businesses for years. Plus, we are located in a state with a large German-American population. As a result, we have a good understanding of the German culture and of how German businesses operate. So we excel in helping them succeed here.

We also have access to German speakers and lawyers and, through our membership in CPAmerica, to accounting firms in Germany. So we can coordinate action by parent companies and subsidiaries to minimize taxes and maximize profits on both sides of the Atlantic.

Professional service, face-to-face attention

Wegner CPAs gives you the capabilities of a large firm with the personalized attention of professionals who place a priority on face-to-face meetings. We travel to Germany as often as necessary to build and maintain a relationship with your parent company. Plus, our staff continuity means that you’ll work with professionals who really get to know you and your business and how you can make it more successful.

Whatever you make, sell or distribute, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives and put our expertise to work for you in these and other areas:

  • Business startup and structure
    • Partnerships, S corporations and C corporations
    • Financing and strategic planning
  • Accounting and financial management
    • Budgeting, forecasting and cash-flow planning
    • Audits, internal controls, and financial reporting
  • Tax planning and compliance
    • Transfer pricing studies and profit/loss analysis
    • Capitalization rules, cost-segregation studies
    • Employee benefit plan audits and tax returns

We also provide specialized services for manufacturers and distributors. If that’s your business, please see our Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services page.

Are you considering doing business in Germany? Doing Business in Germany has been prepared by Crowe Horwath International member firms in Germany in order to provide general information for persons contemplating doing business with or in Germany.

We would welcome your call

We have been working with German businesses for more than 15 years.  From that experience, we have learned how German businesses operate and like to be served. So we strive to be prompt, responsive and thorough, to pay attention to detail, and to work as partners with you.  When you become our client, you’ll see and hear from us a lot — zuweilen auf deutsch!