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Blog Author: Courtney Thompson

Tax Implications For Employees Who Receive Tips
Employees of some businesses receive tips as a part of their compensation. These businesses generally include restaurants, hotels, and salons. Definition of Tips Tips are optional payments paid by customers
How to get the maximum benefit out of your 401(k) plan
Investing money into a tax-advantaged retirement plan can benefit you by reducing taxes and saving more money for retirement. If your employer offers a 401(k) or Roth 401(k), contributing to
What the FTX Collapse Means for Future Tax Deductions
With the recent news of the crypto giant, FTX, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you may be left wondering what this means and whether you will be able to deduct
Disability Proceeds – Taxable or Tax-free? It depends!
If you are someone who recently began receiving disability income you may have asked yourself the question, how will this be taxed? To determine the answer to this question you
Moving to another state after retirement? Consider these tax implications before making the move.
You might be considering moving to another state after retirement, possibly looking to relocate to be closer to family and friends or somewhere where the weather is more appealing. While